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Dreams To Achieve

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Determinate .
Sunday, 10 February 2013 • 03:18 • 0 comments

Trying hard to fight these tears . I'm crazy worried . Messing with my head this fear . I'm so sorry . You know you gotta get it out . I can't take it . That's what being friends about . I want to cry . I can't deny . Tonight I wanna up and hide . And get inside . It isn't right . I gotta live in my life . I know I gotta do it . Gotta turn the world into your dance floor . Determinate . Push until you can't and then demand more . Determinate . You and me together , we can make it better . Gotta turn the world into your dance floor . Determinate . Hate to feel this way . And waste a day . I gotta get myself on stage . I shouldn't wait or be afraid . The chips will fall where they may . I know I gotta do it . Music like a veteran . Renegade, lemonade, use it in my medicine . Go ahead and try to name a band we ain't better than . Reason why the whole world's picking us instead of them . People need a breather 'cause they're feeling that adrenaline . Stop ! Now hurry up and let us in . Knock ! 'Cause we're coming to your house and people keep on smiling like the lemons in their mouths . We're the real deal , you know how I feel . Why they're in it for a bill . I'm just in it for the thrill . Get down now I ain't playin' around . Get your feet up on the ground and just make that sound like .. Come on and get it going . Come on and , come on and , Come on and get it going .



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